Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cheating Male Star, Gay Idols, and Variety Popularity Discord (with guesses)

May 2013

1. Top star A is in a slump these days. Up until a while ago, he's been double dating top stars B and C, even going on vacation to Japan with B, but it seems that both relationships have come to an end. C had actually been overheard revealing to her associates that "A is just a sexual partner, the relationship is not problematic for me." To make matters worse, A was canceled out of a drama that he was originally cast in with a fellow labelmate. One industry insider said, "A lot of people think it's unfortunate the situation A is in but unlike the clean image he's known for, he's actually quite different on the inside."

A: Lee Min Ho
B: Park Min Young
C: Shin Se Kyung

2. There's been a lot of talk about idol group member D and his sexual preference. Unlike his idol peers whose main interest seem to lie in dating other girl group members, he hasn't shown any interest at all in girls period. Not only that, but his personality is said to be quite feminine as well. One insider said, "Just look at the way he acts. He's more feminine than most women. He acts in a feminine manner in such a way that most men wouldn't be able to pull off naturally." A few other idol group members aside from D are receiving the same suspicions and there's one thing that they all have in common: unlike most groups who dorm together, these members were designated their own separate dorm since their trainee days.

D: Sungjong

3. Known as the queen of scandals, E has been quiet lately. E has been in quite a many scandals herself since her debut due to her large network of celebrity friends. She's been quite for a few years now and it's said to be because she's lost herself in religion. While becoming more and more religious, she's supposedly relearned the importance of remaining pure before marriage and has been living a sex free life for years now.

E: Ryeowon

4. Top star F and rumors regarding his family have been spreading like wildfire on the internet. According to the rumors, F's father in law was once a radical religious sect leader who caused a stir in society in the past. After using his religious influence to gain power and money, he was eventually indicted for fraud before he moved away overseas. Whether or not it's true, the rumors are spreading as fast as F's fame.

F: Psy

5. It's easy for discord to arouse between members of one group the more a particular member has individual activities. Since last year, G's been active in many variety shows and his popularity has been on the rise. His image as a variety star has become stronger than his image as a singer, diluting his group's presence in the industry. The other members are supposedly angered over this, but it doesn't seem like G will be giving up variety shows any time soon. G's agency is preparing a new album release for the group right now so both sides are in quite the predicament. Fortunately for G, he's gaining a lot of fans for his warm personality. [TN: The main hint here is that they use 'pugeunhan' to describe him and while it does mean warm/friendly, it's also used to describe chubby people.]

G: Shindong

6. Beautiful star H's love for animals is said to be crossing the line. H is known for her fox-like aegyo, and recently it's been found that she's requested to change the dates for her international pictorials for the fashion brand she models for several times. As it turned out, the requests were because of none other than her dog. Because she couldn't find someone to look after him, she pissed a lot of staff off with her constant requests for date changes. Associates at the time said, "We're all busy people, why do we have to switch around an international schedule that's already too tight to begin with just because of a dog? Are we less than dogs?"

H: Han Ye Seul

* Please remember that all of these guesses may be completely wrong!

Source: Entertainment Radar via Nate

Netizen's comments:
1. [+227, -9] I'll come back at lunch time, everyone....

2. [+138, -11] So many alphabets, I'm so confused..

3. [+126, -27] (lists all of the celebrity names)... This is what netizens have guessed so far. But I don't think D and G are right but there aren't any other names being mentioned at the moment.
- I feel like Kyuhyun would fit more as G than Shindong.
- G could also be Kwanghee
- B might actually be Park Min Young?

4. [+22, -1] For D, I can only think of Sungjong ㅋ I remember in 1vs100, L said that Sungjong has his own room after a game of rock paper scissors.. and he seems really feminine on weekly idol.

5. [+22, -4] I can only think of Sungjong for feminine male idols...

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  1. D can't be Sungjong because Infinite had to share rooms for years, going against the rumor

    1. Yup, he shared a room with Hoya and Sungyeol(pretty sure) until they moved into their new dorms. So yeah, i doubt it too

  2. I doubt that G is one of super junior member. as far as i know, they suppport each other well eventho there's jealousy, but they'll overcome it.. :)

  3. G is not a member of Super Junior.
    as an ELF i know them enough to know that they would never be pissed off by a member's success.
    the guess only proves taht people really don't know them at all.
    plus it was posted in 2013 and Super Junior was not planned to have an album this year.